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With financials you've created with Rise Sydney Consulting, we can create unique investor presentations that includes a clear executive summary, competition analysis, hiring analysis, and roll out strategy for a predetermined length of operations.  The ability to send a concise and clear document to future business partners or investors demonstrates your best understanding of your future goals and ability to achieve them.

These presentations can change monthly and even weekly depending on WHO you are presenting.  Always be ready to alter your presentations for the targeted audience, because one slide can be the difference between gaining and losing a potential investor or a buyer.  We train you how to present and capture your audience while developing the necessary tools to give the best chance to materialize your plan.  To the best of our ability as a team we can put a final value on your business and you can leave each meeting with a concise and clear ask from your investors.

Consultants for Acquisition and Investor Presentations

Los Angeles and New York

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