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What do you really need?

When people come to me they usually say, "Can you help me...I need money...I'm ready for a capital raise." I then answer, do you, do you really need money?

I mean we do live in Los Angeles so we can probably meet a group of individuals with less than awesome morals at the Four Seasons and get them to put a ridiculous valuation on your company and take a nice slice of the pie. More than often though the real answer is taking a look at your operations, investigating, and seeing where you can tighten up, apply a few new systems tied to real metrics and push on a little further. You can act like a big company without big company overhead. Create consistency in your cash flow and show some organic upward trends in growth, be patient. Patience bring the guys at the Four Seasons to you. I'm not always saying this is the answer, but as a good friend told me once, throwing money at a business is not always the solution.

p.s. I really like the Four Seasons.

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